Every 2nd Saturday of the month we are serving Free Meals to anyone in need. On 600 Rauhut St  in Burlington NC at the Dollar General parking lot. 

This pandemic has caused so many of us to forget who we are and our rightful place in the kingdom. We have forgotten the Women Warriors that we are its time for us to SHIFT back into that place of Victory. We have allowed distractions, anxiety, fear to dictate who we are. THE SHE LIVES TOUR wants to take you back to that beautiful amazing Queen that you are! We want to come and see you in your city. 

* Rape

* Molestation

* Divorce

* Jail time

* Mental breakdown

* Addiction                 

* Church hurt

* Death

* Depression

* Covid

* Cancer

We want to remind you that you are a Queen with a crown that needs to be readjusted. Let people know that SHE LIVES and you are SHE! Do not join us meet us.  For more information, please contact Michelle Kirkpatrick 980.867.3678 

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