Laura T. Tate

The National Association of Virtuous Women Inc., (NAVW) is more than just a network or a concept; it’s a lifestyle for me. I am excited about the potential life has to offer each one of us. Living with an attitude of gratitude, I realize that each new day is a gift and I do my best to be of service to others. I am on a mission to support and help women to get in touch with their passion, purpose and position in my own unique way.  I am by far NOT a motivational speaker and most likely won’t choose to be one LOL.  I work best in small intimate gatherings. This way I can begin the relationship process in order to be of service. It works for me and I am happy about that and how God uses me to fulfill my goals each day.


I am in the ministry of strengthening communities one leader at a time through spiritual, personal and professional development, entrepreneurship and access to sustainable resources. Together, I believe we can create strategies and solutions for success, build harmony into everyday life, form a true sisterhood, build up our faith and focus on a clear vision that leads to transnational results. This creative process allows us to step boldly into living each day with purposeful intention and action towards creating a life fulfilled.  I have a vision that every woman who commits to claiming her life of abundance and joy, who believes that the process is achievable and desires to make a difference, will have just that...a fulfilling life based on God’s definition of success.  One of my biggest passions is being of service to homeless women and their children. Being a former homeless single mom with two sons, I found that there was something lacking in the shelters that I needed and just wasn't getting. There has to be something more than feeling worse than you already are.  With God's Blessing, I can form a team that will give the love and support these women need that I wish I had when I was going through that dark moment. 


As I close, I ask that you please pay attention to the habits that will propel you for growth and the ones that stunt it.  Today is your day to choose one thing to work on that could change your life and possbily change someone else's life.  Remember: Habits are learned behaviors and you can make the decision to do something different.  It may not

be easy but in the end it just may be worth it.  What do you have to lose besides time?


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