Michelle Chrisp Kirkpatrick

 Michelle Chrisp Kirkpatrick, humble Servant, Visionary, mother, grandmother, Empowerment Coach, Founder of The Complete Woman “Naked but Not Ashamed” Movement. I currently reside in Charlotte NC. God birthed this ministry in 2014 with a conversation and a lot of prayer. The first conference was held in 2015 has allowed us to travel to Burlington NC, Greensboro NC, Charlotte NC, Norcross GA and on a Cruise to the Bahamas. We encourage women to own their brokenness from yesterday, so they can be made Whole again, share with others of how they overcome and still overcoming the process in nonjudgmental zone. We ask her if she willing to be “Naked but Not Ashamed” of who they are so they can walk in their Freedom to walk into their Destiny of what God has purposed for them to be. We let the women know that your past doesn’t define who you are, it only sculpts you into the woman God has design her to be. So many women are stuck in there teenage years and don’t know how to be made whole from past their hurt or abuse. So they hurt other people until it becomes a cycle. We want to help end the cycle by identifying the root. We offer tools and workshops, speakers that help them to grow past that pain.


I am truly honored to be the vessel that God choose for this journey. I know what abuse, broken, and emptiness, depression looks like. If we only help one woman at the conference, we did God required us to do. This is lifestyle of empowering womening is what I know that I was called to do. I don't do this alone there have been so many amazing women on this journey with empowering and impacting lives. The love of God that this misnistry shows the individuals that we come in contact with is the fire that keeps this ministry going. We want God to use us for his glory.


The support that is shown to the ministry from the many women and people in the community you may never meet or even hear from is amazingl. I don't take anything or anyone for granite.  We realize that there are so many women hurt that are afraid to be made whole again. We pray, support and inspire them!


One of my favorite scripture is Hebrews 4:13... And there is no creature hidden from His sight, but all things are naked and open to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account. 


We are the everyday woman of God and are in this to support and bless each other.



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For more information please contact Michelle Kirkpatrick 980.867.3678 


Michelle Chrisp Kirkpatrick~ Servant

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