Michelle Chrisp Kirkpatrick

The Visionary behind the Complete Woman Conference "Naked but Not Ashamed," and "Broken but Not Bound Conference” is Michelle Chrisp Kirkpatrick a Burlington native. Parents are Howard Chrisp Sr. and Sandra T. Poteat (Andrew).  I have two sons Matthew and Kristopher Chrisp, one Sister Charlotte Chrisp and Brother Howard Chrisp Jr.  My granddaughter G’ani is the love of her life.  I have dedicated my life to serving God and being the Servant he has called me to be. My family is what keeps her going.  It’s my desire to be able to assist women or men that have overcome life and not given up and my passion is survivors of Domestic Violence. Realizing that there are many forms of domestic violence ie physical, emotional, verbal, emotional, mental are just a few of them.


The purpose for this conference is to let men and women know that no matter your situation or what others have said that you would or would not be, or you could not do, BUT GOD… he will see you through no questions asked if you trust him.


 Some of us have been unemployed, homeless, hungry, car repossessed, lied to, cheated on, beat for no reason, single parent, talked about, on drugs, alcoholic, considered suicide . You cried to God why me? God why can’t I have a normal life?   Only to hear God reply back “why not you and this is your nornal?” I have come to realize what ever Storms God has for me they are for me and no one else.  I want to encourage you and inspire you to call on God all the times. I know what is like to be broken and not have the resources or tools to get the help you need. Its my prayer that something that the platform members will give you some of the skills needed to overcome of life obstacles.


The Conference Platform is going to help you expose your brokenness and give you some of the tools to put your life back together so that you can begin to heal, but more importantly remind you that you are not bound, by what has held you captive for so long.  We are that everyday man and woman that want to encourage and empower each other in a judge free zone.   


 Favorite scripture is Hebrews 4:13...13 And there is no creature hidden from His sight, but all things are naked and open to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account. 


We are the everyday man and woman of God and are in this to support and bless each other.


For more information please contact Michelle Kirkpatrick (336) 212-8766 or Laura Perry (614) 586-3830


Michelle Chrisp Kirkpatrick~ Servant

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